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Just living in today’s world is stressful for everyone, let alone a child struggling with autism.  What is important for an ASD child is to reduce the stressors in his or her environment so that the child is not reactive to the world they live in.  This may mean less noise, improved lighting, better air quality, pure filtered water, non toxic cleaning fluids, organic foods, cotton clothing, non toxic hygiene and personal care products, no microwave, avoid aluminum or non stick cookware, no tobacco exposure, no chemical pesticides, no plastic containers, be aware of geopathic stress, eliminate toxic building materials, remove rugs and carpets and so on.  Children with autism are extremely sensitive to their environment and may have a variety of physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral reactions to any of the above stressors.  However, one of the most crucial concerns in our environment today is the increasing electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio fields (RF) emitted from electrical power lines, smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phones and towers, electrical wires/sockets and household appliances.  Collectively the effects of all these fields together are referred to as electrosmog.  Research has shown that electrosmog is one of the main contributing factors to the major epigenomic changes, (study of epigenetics), that has occurred at an excelling rate over the last two decades.  Epigenetics is the result of environmental triggers modifying human genes by turning the DNA «on» and «off».  Other environmental toxins also triggering epigenetic changes are the chemtrail spraying in the atmosphere by the geoengineers and the environmental chemicals called neuroendocrine disruptors which alter the hormonal system affecting the brain and the nervous system.  The combination of all these environmental exposures are changing the gene expression and causing defects in the methylation process and the gene variant MTHFR (see Methylation/MTHFR).  Children are most susceptible to the epigenetic risks which may be contributing to the current rise in autism spectrum disorders.  In fact, the growing numbers are at an exponential rate.  Experts predict that over the next ten years or so, most babies born will fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.  Epigenetics is an overwhelming reality of how our environment and DNA interact with one another.

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