What’s New


What’s New

 October 2017

The Autism Exchange (AEX) attended the Generation Rescue Autism Education Summit in Dallas, Texas, September 29 – October 1, 2017. Hundreds of autism caregivers and practitioners attended the 3-day conference. The AEX maintained an exhibit booth throughout the conference with numerous parents stopping by to see how we save parents time and money. The feedback was excellent with most caregivers saying, “Wow, The AEX is great!” We look forward to continuing to spread the word about the AEX into 2018 and beyond.

 July 2017

The AEX will offer free discounts from time to time in our Newsletter and on our Discount Club page. If you would like to read great articles, please sign up for our free monthly Newsletter or check out our Discount Club page to see all the great product and service companies offering discounts.

 June 2017

The AEX now has a Facebook page. Please invite your friends to check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/TheAutismExchange/. We also initiated a Sponsorship Program working with autism related companies to assist with AEX memberships. We would like to welcome our first official sponsors for supporting the autism community:

 May 2017

The AEX started an Ambassador Rewards Program this month. This program is designed to allow users to spread the word about the benefits of The AEX by connecting us with local autism support groups. Users simply fill in a few pieces of info and we email them a discount reward for helping us spread the word. In addition, The AEX team added three great perks to our membership. Check out the details in our Discount Club.

 April 2017

Now that The Autism Exchange is officially launched, we are working very hard to acquire discounts for our members from product and service suppliers. We are now up to 83 product and practitioner discounts and more coming. Please check out our Discount Club or view All Discounts to see our variety. Also, several people are providing us ideas and content for our monthly newsletters and blogs. Feel free to Contact Us if you have an idea or want to publish a newsletter or blog article.

 March 2017

Great news! The Autism Exchange (AEX) has completed all website upgrades and we officially launched our new website at the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special needs (MAPS) conference March 9-11, 2017, in Costa Mesa, CA. The Practitioner feedback was great and several MAPS practitioners committed to providing discounts to our AEX Discount Club members. Please check out our brand new look and user interface at The AEX Home page.

 February 2017

The AEX team has made great progress upgrading our home page and user interface based on feedback we received during 2016. We look forward to launching these upgrades next month. We even developed a new logo to go with our new upgraded site (as you can see at the top left of all pages). The new logo depicts people sharing information and forms a puzzle piece, the international symbol for autism. This truly represents what The AEX is all about.

 January 2017


The AEX just launched a new Supplement Page. This is the result of partnering with Emerson Ecologics and months of work setting up the program. We are happy to report that AEX Members now have access to 60 quality supplement brands with a 10% discount on all orders. Our supplements are curated by the physicians and nutritionists on our Advisory Board. All users can take a look at our Supplement page. Join The AEX today to take advantage of this great resource and start saving on supplements every month.

The AEX exhibited at three autism conferences last Fall and we received a ton of positive reviews. We listened to all feedback from every autism caregiver that passed our booth and we are working very hard to make the upgrades that were most commonly requested. This includes more ways to save money and also an enhanced home page to make it even faster and easier to save time and money. Look for these exciting changes in March.

 December 2016

The AEX is partnering with numerous autism related product and service suppliers across the country. We will be posting many more discounts for our Discount Club members in 2017!

The AEX is also working the final details of our Supplement page. It took several months to make this available, but we plan to launch the supplement page in January 2017. Our Discount Club members will receive many benefits including 10% off supplement orders across dozens of high quality brands and more. Stay tuned for more savings!

 November 2016

The AEX has added a Blog feature to our web site. Feel free to use our Contact Us feature to let us know if you have a blog article that you would like to share.

The AEX is working hard to acquire supplement discounts for our Discount Club members. We are close to completing a partnership that will make discounts available to our members all across the US. Look for updates on our supplement partnership in December.

 October 2016


The AEX finalized a partnership with Rehabmart.com which has agreed to provide a 5% discount to all AEX Discount Club members. Rehabmart.com has served over 350,000 customers since 1998 and offers thousands of discount medical products including: HBOT chambers, saunas, exercise equipment, therapy equipment, special needs toys, and more. Autism caregivers and practitioners alike can enjoy exclusive AEX savings at Rehabmart.com.

The AEX exhibited at the Fall 2016 Generation Rescue Autism Education Summit. Several dozen autism caregivers signed up for The AEX Newsletter and numerous product and service suppliers plan to give discounts to AEX Discount Club members.

 September 2016

The Autism Exchange (AEX) exhibited at the Fall 2016 Medical Academy of Pediatric Special needs (MAPS) conference in Atlanta, GA. Practitioners gave very positive feedback, some of whom committed to providing discounts to AEX members. Check out our AEX Discount Club, Toolkit section.

The AEX initiated a partnership with Rehabmart.com to offer discounts on rehabilitation equipment to AEX members. We hope to have these discounts available by the end of October 2016, so please check our AEX Discount Club section for updates.

The AEX officially launched the new web site, TheAutismExchange.com. All of the information on The AEX is Free, which helps caregivers save time. We also offer a low cost membership for our
AEX Discount Club which helps caregivers save money. Check out our cool autism calculator to see how much you could be saving.

 August 2016

The AEX exhibited at the 11th Annual US Autism and Asperger’s Association (USAAA) World Conference in Louisville, KY. Eighty-six autism caregivers and educators gave a thumbs up on The AEX web site. They love the AEX mission to provide the capability for autism caregivers to save time and money.

The AEX received commitments from over two dozen companies to provide discounts to AEX members. Check out our AEX Discount Club, Coupon section.

 July 2016

The AEX completed a soft launch period with visitors from 46 US states checking out The AEX.

 Spring 2014  ̶  Spring 2016

The AEX was developed by a small group of autism parents and supporters that believe in our cause.  Our mission is to provide the capability for autism caregivers to save time and money. It took 2 years to painstakingly develop the custom software required to interlink over 1,000 data streams with numerous interactive tools and dozens of companies and providers. With persistence and passion, The AEX was made operational in the Spring of 2016.  To learn more check out our About Us and How The AEX Works sections.

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