Preventing Autism Tips, Advice & Awareness


Preventing Autism Tips, Advice & Awareness

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For many reading The AEX, preventing autism is already spilled milk; but having a child with autism forces the whole family to make changes in every aspect of their lives.  So whether you are considering having another child or advising friends or family, «cleaning up your lifestyle» inside out is where to begin in order to prevent autism.  Be aware of environmental chemicals and genetically altered foods, air pollution, toxic chemtrails in the skies, electromagnetic fields and electrosmog, fluoride treated and tainted water, depleted soil, cell phones, mercury in medicine and dentistry, chemical dyes and preservatives in foods, fast foods, insecticides and pesticides, chemical cleaning fluids in your home and the list goes on and on contributing to this very toxic world we live in today.  Go Green!  Go Organic!  A healthy lifestyle can reduce many of the stressors that are some of the contributing factors to the «toxic load» with which the bodies of children with autism are burdened.  (See write up on Environmental Stressor for Autism.)  Dehydration, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, lack of minerals and good quality fats, allergies, toxins and sleep deprivation all lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.  If you are thinking of getting pregnant, run some lab tests, detox your heavy metals, eliminate your mercury amalgams, check your thyroid, avoid flu shots and anything with thimerosal (ethyl mercury preservative), avoid farm raised fish, don’t use microwaves, make sure your vitamin D levels are in normal range, test for the genetic mutation MTHFR and support your SNPs with folinic acid, green your environment, test for food sensitivities and allergies, heal your GI tract with probiotics, exercise daily and breathe good air, de-stress your mind and spirit and above all enjoy life.

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