Feingold Diet for Autism


Feingold Diet for Autism

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No matter what diet you might choose for your ASD child, whether it is Gluten and Casein Free, GAPS or Body Ecology just to name a few, the Feingold diet is a fundamental and basic diet to include in all your child’s dietary choices. It will most likely make a significant difference in your child’s life if included as part his or her daily lifestyle. The Feingold diet was developed by Benjamin F. Feingold, MD, pediatrician and allergist, during the 1970s as a result of having studied many children with allergies and observed a correlation between increased hyperactivity and the consumption of various food additives. By 1975, Dr. Feingold’s ideas, observations, and hypothesis led him to write and publish the book, “Why Your Child is Hyperactive.” His diet was eventually created from the book and consequently, Dr. Feingold was able to help countless families and dedicated his life to understanding the relationship between what we eat and how we subsequently feel and behave. Even though Dr. Feingold is no longer with us, his followers have furthered his work by creating the Feingold Association of the United States and continually updating his ideas and diet. The other major contribution from the Feingold followers has been the recognition of benefits for other issues having been helped by the Feingold diet such as behavioral problems, self-stimulation (stimming), focus, concentration, eye contact and so on. One of his most avid followers, Jane Hersey, published a book in 1996, “Why Can’t my Child Behave?”, addressing many of the issues of children on the autism spectrum triggered by unwanted chemicals, dyes, salicylates, glutamates, preservatives, phenols, and other toxic additives in our foods, medications, water and so on. The Feingold Diet can make that extra difference in any child’s life, but especially the life a child on the autism spectrum.
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