Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies


Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies

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Autism Therapy Resources

Children with autism can have developmental issues with any of their senses including:  sensitivities to light, sound, touch, taste, and more.  Any of these issues can make daily activities very difficult for a child with autism and many children with ASD experience more than one sensitivity.  In order to help alleviate these difficulties, many parents seek out professional therapists in very specialized areas of autism therapy.  As you embark on your journey to heal your child, you will run across numerous autism spectrum therapies available for children on the autism spectrum.  Some therapies for autism are more adaptive to younger children while other therapies for autism are more appropriate for the older child.  Nowadays, there are a variety of choices that can make a difference for your child, so research the autism spectrum therapies to see what works best and talk to your doctor.  In addition, users provide The AEX with some very helpful general Therapy resources such as the following:

Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs:  A book highlighting yoga lessons that aid in engaging children on the autism spectrum.

Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders with Dr. Steve Tullius, D.C.:  Discover how the advanced chiropractic nervous system technology of Dr. Steve Tullius can make extraordinary improvements in neurodevelopmental and behavioral conditions.

Bravery Kids Gym:  Inclusive play facility that offers fun for kids of all abilities! Includes sensory room, rock climbing wall, imaginative play, therapeutic swings, and open gym area.

Types of Autism Therapy (more on The AEX)

  • Vision Therapy  Children with autism can have developmental issues with any of their senses, including vision.  An ASD child may have 20/20 vision, but may also have hand/eye coordination difficulties which result in developmental vision delays.  Various signs of vision issues may include:  poor reading comprehension, inability to read, behavioral problems, inability to look at objects, speech and language delays, short attention span, letter reversal, and poor memory.  Behavioral optometrists are specially trained optometrists who offer vision therapy for older children and prism eye glasses for younger children who are unable to do vision therapy.
  • Auditory Integration Training (AIT)  AIT, by creator Dr. Guy Beard, is a 10-day non-invasive program that helps with the way the brain processes auditory information.  AIT is an autism therapy that uses different sound frequencies that are combined with relaxing music to help your child’s brain make new connections with the way their brain interprets the sounds they hear.  AIT has been successful working with ASD children who have a difficult time with speech language development and sensory issues.

Therapy for Autism That Works For Your Needs

No matter what autism therapy you are doing with your child, always remember that your child needs some modality in order to express his or her needs.  Speech therapy for autism and a form of communication will not only train your child to express his wants and needs but also may help alleviate any possible frustration build up that could result in unwanted behaviors.

Years ago, parents utilized assistive technology devices or the picture exchange communication system (PECS) to encourage their child to make choices and communicate their needs.  Today, the iPad has revolutionized the assistive communication world with language program such as Proloquo2go, Alexicom, and a multitude of language apps.  Some children are capable of typing on computers or tablets, while others might prefer sign language.  No matter what the modality of communication is, communicating is fundamental and key to opening up your child’s world.

The Autism Exchange (AEX) Provides Supportive Autism Therapy Info

We hope that you find our AEX resources to be helpful.  We believe in sharing knowledge that can help guide parents to better care for their loved ones.  If you are interested in receiving the full benefits of The Autism Exchange, including discounts on supplements, products, and practitioner consults, please check out our Discount Club.