Financial Planning Information for Young Adults with Autism


Financial Planning Information for Young Adults with Autism

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Living with autism is a full-time job for parents on a daily basis.  Then one day your child turns 18 and it’s a whole different unfamiliar world of additional decisions, extra responsibilities, and added stress that you probably didn’t give much thought to when your child was younger.  Finding a professional Special Needs Financial Planner may be the key solution to help give you direction, knowledge, and peace of mind that you are doing what is best for your child’s future.  Keep in mind that your child’s future is going to be without you one day so you definitely want to avoid making mistakes that you can’t change after you are gone.  It’s important to identity financial resources such as 401ks, inheritances, government benefits, insurance policies etc. Setting financial goals, funding a Special Needs Trust, legal planning, residential planning, estate planning, insurance policies and income tax preparation and filing are all part of the long term financial planning process that is needed for your young adult’s future.  Getting assistance and being prepared is undoubtedly the best way to navigate through this whole process.  The earlier parents can begin this process, the less overwhelming it will seem and the better prepared your young adult will be for his or her future.

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