Auditory Integration Training and Children with Autism


Auditory Integration Training and Children with Autism

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Auditory Integration Training (AIT) by creator, Dr. Guy Berard, is a 10-day non-invasive program that helps with the way the brain processes auditory information.  AIT uses different sound frequencies that are combined with relaxing music to help your child’s brain make new connections with the way their brain interprets the sounds they hear.  AIT has been successful working with children on the Autism Spectrum who have a difficult time with speech language development and sensory issues.  AIT can be used at home by having your child listen twice a day for 30 minutes each with the provided headphones.  Dr. Guy Berard recommends that your child be 3 years old before trying AIT.

Participants listen to specially modulated music through an instrument called an Earducator™ during the training sessions.  The process is non-intrusive and rarely are there instances where participants become uncomfortable.  It is a very relaxed environment.  This information was provided by the IDEA Training Center web site.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis is the creator of another modulated listening program called Sound Stimulation.  This program is only Mozart music and Gregorian Chant with an added feature of the mother’s voice in utero.  The younger children will be able to enjoy sensory activities while listening to music while the older ones will practice reading and other focusing materials to improve auditory processing.  The Tomatis initial training is one 2-week training with a short interim period and another 2-week training.  Home equipment called the lift is available after the initial training.  Further information can be found at the main center in Toronto.

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