Pyroluria Disorder and Children with Autism


Pyroluria Disorder and Children with Autism

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Neurobehavioral disorders are often associated with elevated levels of Kryptopyrroluria.  It is a genetic blood disorder and a chemical imbalance that blocks receptor sites to such nutrients as Zinc, and B6 (P5P) as well as Biotin, Omega 6 GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) and others.   The onset normally occurs during the late teens and may continue throughout one’s life.   Favorable conditions triggering this disorder are environmental toxicity, chronic infection (Lyme), genetic predispositions (alcoholism, Bipolar), trauma or traumatic incidences, prolonged stress, oxidative stress or chronic illness.  At least 50% of teens with autism develop Pyroluria. An overproduction of pyrroles (Pyroluria) can results in a zinc deficiency.  Zinc is crucial to regulating the immune, the gastrointestinal and hormonal systems; but a deficiency can lead to chronic immunodeficiency and frequent infections.  Some common symptoms of Pyroluria are high anxiety, frequent mood swings, poor coping skills, poor anger control, frequent anger and rages, insomnia, increased sensitivity to sound, lights, smell, and touch, seizures, poor short term memory, poor tolerance of physical and emotional stress, food and environmental allergies, and hyperactivity to name a few.  Following the work of William Walsh PhD (Pfeiffer Center), a nutrient correction protocol can attenuate symptoms and control the disorder.

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