Educational Software & Applications for Autism


Educational Software & Applications for Autism

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In addition to all of the educational methods available to autism parents and teachers, there is also a growing number of educational software programs and apps becoming available.  Some educational software is stand alone, meaning that you purchase the disc and begin using it.  Other types of software provide connectivity to online databases so that you and your child’s teacher can track progress.  In addition, there is a wealth of mobile apps available to support autism needs.  These apps can be used on mobile phones, iPods, and iPads.  This gives your child the ability to use these apps around the house and even on the go.  The mobility aspect can be very helpful providing activities for children to do during doctor visits or in the car on long trips for example.

Some of the software and apps are basic in that they provide a few key functions like flash cards, spelling, colors, etc.  But some of the software and apps are quite sophisticated providing full lesson plans, progress capability, reward systems, and more.  Some of the software applications are reasonably priced while others that contain more functionality may cost more.  As far as apps go, many of the apps are either free or very low cost allowing all parents to use these resources to help educate their child.  Our goal in this section is to provide organized and quick access to as many software and apps capabilities as possible.  Please feel free to use our Exchange Box to share software or app capabilities with other parents.

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Some forums require you to sign in to Yahoo or Facebook to locate forum names.

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