Information for Parents of Children with Autism


Information for Parents of Children with Autism

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Guidance for Parents of Children with Autism

New Parents

Having your child diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) undoubtedly is going to be a very challenging and daunting experience and will require some lifestyle changes.  Autism is a journey, side by side with many other families and dedicated professionals all working diligently to help improve the quality of life of every child and family with current autism information.  As tough as it gets, know that you are never alone.  The Autism Exchange (AEX) website is a place where all parents can find a plethora of autism information pertaining to your journey with your child.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, then you can request to have the information on autism put on the website through the Contact Us feature.  We are parents helping parents and we want every new parent to be able to navigate this site and begin their journey with lots of help and support.  Users provide The AEX with some very helpful Parent resources such as the following:

Practical Tips for Parents:  A site that provides tips regarding topics such as general outings, dealing with inappropriate behaviors, and vocational planning.

Helping Your Child with Autism Thrive:  This article provides parenting tips for treating and supporting an autistic child.

The Awesomely Big List of Ways to Help Parents of Autistic Kids:  Find out how to help autism parents who desperately need a break!

101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism: Effective Solutions for Everyday Challenges by Arnold Miller and Theresa C. Smith:  This book provides effective solutions for behavioral and communication problems on a day to day basis for children with autism.

Quiet Rooms for Autistic Children:  Autism friendly destinations are encouraging parents who resist traveling and stay at home to consider being more mobile in an autism friendly environment.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum: 101 Inspirational Stories for Parents of Children with Autism and Asperger’s by Dr. Rebecca Landa:  Inspirational stories from experts and parents of common everyday challenges of children on the spectrum.

4 Tips for Preparing Your Child with Autism for Holiday CelebrationsThis great article from Michael J. Cameron PhD, BCBA-D focuses on communication, family visits, religious services, and traveling over the holidays with autistic individuals.

Advanced Parents

Parents of older children with autism or adults with autism are in a very crucial position of being somewhere in the middle of your son’s or daughter’s journey.  Many areas on The AEX may be considered «been there and done that» for you.  However, we want you to know that there is a wealth of information on The AEX and you are likely to find emerging areas that you have not yet encountered.  In today’s rapid information age, there are always links to new articles, studies, products, and services.  Advanced parents can use our search feature to quickly locate information about autism and develop a pathway to help point you in the right direction on your child’s continuing journey.  We also feel that advanced parents are in the unique position of being able to assist new parents given all of the knowledge and experience you have acquired throughout the years.  If you have information on autism you would like to share, please use our Exchange Box tool.  It is simple to use and a quick way to give back to other parents.  We hope that you will find The AEX a place where you can be proactive by sharing your experience, knowledge, and your journey with other newer families who would be so appreciative of your wisdom.  The more information on autism we have, the better we can support one another.

Exciting Tips for Parents: Regions Bank Has More than 1,500 Autism-Friendly Branches:  Learn how Regions Bank is sensory-friendly as well as how it is promoting the awareness of autism.

Preventing Autism Tips

For many reading The AEX, preventing autism is an afterthought.  But, you may be considering having another child or advising friends or family on how to try and prevent autism.  Autism prevention takes into consideration things like awareness of environmental chemicals and genetically altered foods, air pollution, toxic chemtrails in the skies, electromagnetic fields, fluoride treated water, cell phones, mercury in medicine and dentistry, chemical dyes and preservatives in foods, fast foods, insecticides and pesticides, chemical cleaning fluids in your home and the list goes on and one contributing to this very toxic world we live in today.

Go Green!  Go Organic!  Current autism information advises that a healthy lifestyle can reduce many of the stressors that are some of the contributing factors to the «toxic load» with which the bodies of children with autism are burdened.  If you are thinking of getting pregnant, run some lab tests, detoxify your heavy metals, eliminate your mercury amalgams, check your thyroid, avoid flu shots and anything with thimerosal (ethyl mercury preservative), avoid farm raised fish, don’t use microwaves, make sure your Vitamin D levels are in normal range, test for the genetic mutation MTHFR and support your SNPs with folic acid, green your environment, test for food sensitivities and allergies, heal your GI tract with probiotics, exercise daily and de-stress your mind and spirit.

The Autism Exchange (AEX) Provides Autism Information to Help Parents

We hope that you find our AEX resources to be helpful.  We believe in sharing knowledge that can help guide parents to better care for their loved ones.  If you are interested in receiving the full benefits of The Autism Exchange, including discounts on supplements, products, and practitioner consults, please check out our Discount Club.