Adult Housing Information for Young Adults with Autism


Adult Housing Information for Young Adults with Autism

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Part of the transition process for parents of young adults with autism is the realization that they might not be able to look after their son or daughter with autism due to their own aging or some type of illness.  Also, the young adult may be high functioning and feel that they are ready to leave the nest and make their way into independent living accommodations.  Whatever the reality is, at some point in time parents need to be researching an appropriate living accommodation for their young adult.  Some young adults might be independent enough to be able to have a roommate and live in an apartment situation.  Others might be more comfortable in a group home.  Presently in the USA there are many interesting newer models out there for young adults with autism and with their parents they can be exploring all possibilities.  There are group homes, supported living, supervised living, farmstead programs and community living options, family teaching models, cooperatives, shared housing, and other residential models.  Further explanation on these various types of housing accommodations can be found here.

There are also some new state of the art and upcoming housing models such as Sweetwater Spectrum which is the first housing community for young adults with autism with an organic garden, a greenhouse and a hot tub.  Sweetwater is built to minimize unnecessary sensory stimulation, has ample size rooms and is constructed with healthy non toxic building materials including lightening, heating and ventilation. Many communities all over the US are currently concerned about the extraordinarily high numbers of young adults with autism who are and will be transitioning into adulthood and will need eventual living accommodations.  The housing for autism focus should be on providing safe, appropriate, and comfortable living arrangements, as well as meeting the needs of all young adults with autism who are transitioning into the adult world.

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